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RE: Mechanical vibration

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There are several references available,
8-2/ref=sr_8_2/102-5597672-2999355?v=glance&s=books&n=507846>     Dynamics
of Structures: Theory and Applications to Earthquake Engineering (2nd
Edition) - Anil K. Chopra


=sr_2_2/102-5597672-2999355> Structural Dynamics: Theory and Applications -
by Joseph W. Tedesco	
1-16/ref=sr_1_16/102-5597672-2999355?v=glance&s=books> Damping of Structural
by C. T. Sun, Y. P. Lu 	
    Structural Dynamics 3rd Ed by Mario
r=Paz%2C%20Mario/102-5597672-2999355> Paz

1-62/ref=sr_1_62/102-5597672-2999355?v=glance&s=books> Structural
1-62/ref=sr_1_62/102-5597672-2999355?v=glance&s=books> Dynamics for
Structural Engineers 
by Gary C. Hart, Kevin Kai Fai Wong 
 Several Vendors make vibration damping devices.

Regards, Bill 
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Subject: Mechanical vibration

We have a structural third floor composed of concrete slab on steel beams
and columns. Three industrial washers will be installed on this floor and
therefore will impart a dynamic load (vibration) to the structure. I have
the operating frequency of this equipment and the building information. I
believe that I should calculate the natural frequency of this floor and
compare it with the washer frequency. Does anybody know of a good reference
to deal with this type of structural problem?
Javier Encinas
Encinas & Associates

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