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Re: Mechanical vibration

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A very practical reference book that covers analysis methods as well as acceptance criteria is:

Suresh Arya, Michael O'Neill and George Pincus, DESIGN OF STRUCTURES AND FOUNDATIONS FOR VIBRATING MACHINES, Gulf Publishing Company, Houston, TX, 1979.

I did not look to see if this book is still available for purchase but you might find it in a university library.

Walt Sawruk

ABS Consulting
Shillington, PA

We have a structural third floor composed of concrete slab on steel beams and columns. Three industrial washers will be installed on this floor and therefore will impart a dynamic load (vibration) to the structure. I have the operating frequency of this equipment and the building information. I believe that I should calculate the natural frequency of this floor and compare it with the washer frequency. Does anybody know of a good reference to deal with this type of structural problem?
Javier Encinas
Encinas & Associates