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RE: Mechanical vibration

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You might consider looking at Allis-Chalmers Vibrating Screen installation guide or some other mining equipment product information.  Supporting vibrating equipment is a common problem in the materials handling field.  I can fax you some information if needed.  Also the industrial washer manufactures may have some installation information for you.  I would talk with several.

You have two choices, keeping the natural frequency of the supporting member half or twice that of the exciter.  Some engineers use 0.667 or 1.5.  This works but the installation can be uncomfortable.  I have modified quite a few installations that used this smaller safety factors.  Not that they were unsafe, but the floor deflections were just too noticeable.  You should also review what the actual beam (floor) deflection is.  People are sensitive to large floor deflections regardless of whether they are safe or not.

Craig Hawe, P.E.

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Subject: Mechanical vibration

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We have a structural third floor composed of concrete slab on steel =
beams and columns. Three industrial washers will be installed on this =
floor and therefore will impart a dynamic load (vibration) to the =
structure. I have the operating frequency of this equipment and the =
building information. I believe that I should calculate the natural =
frequency of this floor and compare it with the washer frequency. Does =
anybody know of a good reference to deal with this type of structural =

Javier Encinas
Encinas & Associates

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