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Re: shotcrete walls

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Related question:
> If you state in your documents "Contractor shall adhere to the
> recommendations of ___(insert here - geotechnical report, ACI 306R,
> whatever)__"  would you be covered?  Or should you really repeat each
> recommendation in mandatory language?

If you look at the first page of any ACI Committe "Report"   (something with a "R" in it) - you will see the following statement.

"ACI Committee Reports, Guides, Standard Practices, and Commentaries are intended for guidance in designing, planning, executing, or inspecting construction and in preparing specifications. Reference to these documents shall not be made
in the Project Documents. If items found in these documents are desired to be part of the Project Documents they should be phrased in mandatory language and incorporated into the Project Documents."

Although this is almost universally ignored by specification writers ... most commonly with hot and cold weather concreting requirements.  

There is in fact a standard specification for cold weather concreting "306.1-90",  this can be referenced in Project Specifications. There is, however, no hot weather concreting specification, there is just 305R-99.  There is also a "report" on cold weather concreting, 306R-88 which is a different document from the specification for cold weather concreting.