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RE: Flyash

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Don't know about the finishing and curing. I've heard of fly ash contents this high for mass concrete, but I think anything over 25% and the maximum obtainable compressive strength starts to drop off. I usually stay between 15 and 25% for structural work.
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Subject: Flyash

I have an architectural client who wants to use between 35% and 50% flyash to replace the cement content in a slab on grade (with a w/c ratio of 0.40).   The slab will be covered with flooring that is very moisture sensitive and this amount of flyash is being recommended to the architects by the "green" designers.    I have always thought 20% was the maximum recommended and any more than this makes the finish work and curing not practical along with strength issues.
Any have any good or bad experiences (or references) using this high amount of flyash content?   
Peder Golberg
Portland, Oregon