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RE: Repairing concrete metal deck.

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I’m not familiar with hydroblasting. Can you give me some references of how this method might work.


Barry H. Welliver



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If all you need is to remove a couple of inches off the top you may want to look into hydroblasting then replace with a non-shrink mortar patch.

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
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08/30/2002 09:49 AM
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        Subject:        Repairing concrete metal deck.

Opinions Wanted:, (some experience required/desired)
I have a project where plumbing was installed incorrectly in a concrete metal deck on steel joists. Because the concrete is the finish for the floor it is necessary to remove and re-pour an approximately 8'x8' section. The questions are is it possible to just cut the upper thickness of concrete, remove it, and re-pour (with appropriate doweling etc.) or should the entire pan be removed and replaced??
I suspect the concrete removal option may be difficult. Has anyone had experience with this?
Barry H. Welliver