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RE: Sewer Aerial Crossing

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Steel penstocks for hydroelectric plants sometimes use ring girders on the
pipe. ASCE Engineering Practice No. 79, Steel Penstocks, states "ring girder
supports are used for large pipe diameters where the reaction load at the
support is too large to be reasonably accommodated by a plain pipe shell." 

"Welded Steel Pipe", AISI Steel Plate Engineering Data, also addresses ring
girders at steel pipe. "These girders prevent the distortion of the pipe at
the points of support, and thus maintain its ability to act as a beam.
Practical considerations generally limit spans from 40 ft to 100 ft". Saddle
supports are generally limited to 40 ft spans. 

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> Try the Nickel Development Institute (NiDI) and the Specialty 
> Steel Industry of
> North America.  Both provided me with contacts for 
> manufacturers of structural
> shapes and SSINA is in the process of developing a formal 
> publication of such. 
> Unfortunately, these are not yet electronic.
> Related to the pipe crossings, I have been referring to the 
> steel rings around
> the pipe at the support as "ring girders", but am slightly 
> concerned my
> nomenclature is a little off, and that "ring girder" should 
> actually refer to a
> support ring around a large tank that transfers load to 
> several posts.  Does
> the same term apply to both structures?  If not, which goes 
> with which?
> -Keith Fix, PE
> -Little Rock, Arkansas

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