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Re: problem with sap2000 on nonlinear dynamic analysis.

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Plastic1 type nnlink element in sap2000 or etabs is used to define local nonlinearities at a predefined location of a structural element.
The representation of such nonlinearities may be slotted bolt type friciton element ( E.G. Popov et al )or yielding steel plates and ect. These kind of elements behave linearly under moderate earthquakes while they display non-linear behaviour under design or severe earthquake levels. This is why it is named as non-linear time history analysis in sap2000. In fact, to carry out a real non linear time history analysis, you have to know and model the time dependent behaviour of a predefined section including its strength degration. This definition should be modelled at each critical seciton where
non linear behaviour is expected. Further, you should use at least three or more acceleration records to capture all possible frequency contents.
(creating a site specific synthetic time history is also possible ). But such an analysis can not be performed in sap2000 or etabs.
Another analysis method to consider the non linear behaviour of a structure is the "static non linear analysis" . This is also known as
pushover analysis and it is possible in sap2000.

Bülent Deveci, SE

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