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RE: Software ... Culverts

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Title: Email de Astrum Ingeniería.
I recently searched the Internet under the term "box culvert" for some work I was doing.  I ran across a program called BOXCAR that was originally developed by the FHWA.  The FHWA web site has the methodology used in the development of the program and it may be saved by any individual.  I understand that BOXCAR was taken over by a private firm and they have a developed piece of software on the market.
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From: Astrum Ingenieria, C.A: [mailto:astruming(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Wednesday, September 04, 2002 5:06 AM
Subject: Software ... Culverts

Hi all,
Does any body know where can I get (or try) a special software to solve two cells concrete culverts.
Thanks in advance