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Brick Ledge Angles.

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When supporting brick for low rise buildings I always would support the brick
off the foundation wall and have never had a problem. A buddy of mine is putting
a second story addition onto his brick house, and his "brilliant " architect
recessed the second story exterior wall back a few feet for a deck. As he is
telling me all about his grand addition, I asked him how was the brick
supported. The contractor told him that they lag bolt a steel angle into the 2x4
stud wall and that he does it all the time.

I was shocked to say the least, for a couple of reasons. As a rule of thumb, I
have limited any masonry deflections to at least L/600 for crack control which
is one reason I would always recommend supporting brick off of a foundation
wall. Second, I can't believe that bolting into  1 1/2" wide wood stud would
structurally hold over time. Third, I can't believe that building codes would
allow this for fire issues.

I told my buddy to forget the brick on the second floor that he would have
Has anybody seen this before?

Any comments will be appreciated.


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