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RE: IBC publications

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I have these publications. I suggest adding 2000 IBC Handbook Structural
Provisions to your list.

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Subject: IBC publications

I just received a publication catalog in the mail from the ICBO folks.
There are many pubs that look like they might be helpful in understanding
the increasingly complex code requirements.  (Not to offend anyone, but I
sometimes wonder if the codes are getting more and more complex just so they
can sell more publications and offer more seminars - or am I just getting
old?) I was wondering if any of you have purchased any of these and found
them to be useful.  Here are several that I am considering:
Impact of the Seismic Design Provisions of the IBC ($21.50 non-member price)
2000 IBC Structural/Seismic Design Manual Series (2 volumes at $60.50 each)
CodeMaster: Seismic Design (2000 IBC) ($9.00)
2000 IBC Checklist: Structural Provisions ($59.95)
Thanks in advance for your input.
Best regards,
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