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EJCDC Documents (OR: What's The Point Of Even Joining ASCE?)

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I am trying to revamp some aspects of my consulting business, especially
liability and contract issues. It's too easy to be lax about this, and now
I've been stiffed on some fees--not much, but it wouldn't have happened had
I been a bit more "anal-retentive" about signed agreements before proceeding
with work.

I've been using some documents that I'd brought with me from my last "real"
job, but they really aren't satisfactory.

Well, I just kind of figured that ASCE would have the Engineers Joint
Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC) standards on their website for members
to download. After all, ASCE is a charter member of that committee, which
was created to help povide us with better contract documents, right? Sounds
like a core mission for an  org like ASCE, right?

Well, they have the documents, and I can have them, too--if I pay them $500.

Sorry, but that is just COMPLETE BULL****! About the only good I can see
coming out of ASCE is that you get their little magazine--which is geared
almost exclusively for civils--and occasionally a structural journal (great,
unless you don't happen to be an academic).

Other than that, the organization is totally worthless. If they can't use a
bit of my money to maintain electronic downloads of these standard
documents, then I'm not sure why the h*** I keep sending 'em that money
every year!


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