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RE: EJCDC Documents (OR: What's The Point Of Even Joining ASCE?)

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Title: RE: EJCDC Documents (OR: What's The Point Of Even Joining ASCE?)


I recommend that you buy the complete set of CASE documents, specifically the electronic file versions.  They are tailored to the profession of structural engineering, and the whole works will cost you less than dinner and a movie.


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Subject: EJCDC Documents (OR: What's The Point Of Even Joining ASCE?)

I am trying to revamp some aspects of my consulting business, especially
liability and contract issues. It's too easy to be lax about this, and now
I've been stiffed on some fees--not much, but it wouldn't have happened had
I been a bit more "anal-retentive" about signed agreements before proceeding
with work.

I've been using some documents that I'd brought with me from my last "real"
job, but they really aren't satisfactory.

Well, I just kind of figured that ASCE would have the Engineers Joint
Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC) standards on their website for members
to download. After all, ASCE is a charter member of that committee, which
was created to help povide us with better contract documents, right? Sounds
like a core mission for an  org like ASCE, right?

Well, they have the documents, and I can have them, too--if I pay them $500.

Sorry, but that is just COMPLETE BULL****! About the only good I can see
coming out of ASCE is that you get their little magazine--which is geared
almost exclusively for civils--and occasionally a structural journal (great,
unless you don't happen to be an academic).

Other than that, the organization is totally worthless. If they can't use a
bit of my money to maintain electronic downloads of these standard
documents, then I'm not sure why the h*** I keep sending 'em that money
every year!


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