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F1554-55 anchor rods repair

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We have a steel framed structure under construction and a loader ran over several F1554-55 anchor rods at two footings for a fixed base moment frame. Two of the rods were bent and a third was broken off. The anchor rods apparently have the weldable supplement, although we waiting on confirmation from the supplier. The contractor fixed them in the manner that they have used in the past. The two bent rods were "slowly" bent back to vertical. At the broken anchor rod, the concrete was chipped away from the bolt, the bent portion was cut away about 8 inches below the top of footing and the rod was threaded. A coupler and threaded rod extension was then added. We are trying to get information on the coupler and threaded rod extension from the supplier.

We see several problems with what has been done.

Are the rods that have been rebent still usable? The inital bending may have formed cracks that will limit the strength of the rods and reduce ductility.

Do the couplers have the same ductility as the anchor rods or are they more susceptable to brittle failure although they may have been designed at 125% the strength of the rod?

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