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The Risa tutorial teaches you all the things you need to learn to
manipulate the model (node releases and all that other fun stuff).

But why argue anymore, you like staad and I like risa and that is why we
differ in our opinions. I stand by my statements, including the 2 hour
comment - those who have tried Risa seem to be agreeing in principal
that it doesn't take long.

I should also point out that Sap and Etabs came with very nice video
demos with the CD that narrated commands and how to manipulate models.
Listening and following these were very helpful before you actually sit
down and start learning the program. I wish more software developers
would do this. I know Risa has ones for marketing purposes for their ad
on programs.

Also, for a new guitarist to admire: Buckethead from Guns N Roses. (All
the old timers are shaking their heads now :>) )

Debating guitarist is much more fun, but then all the geeks will
complain :>).

Have a good weekend.

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Hi Gerard,

Exactly my points,

STAAD is not new, only the GUI (which as I think,
since I've been using since ver 6) which is new,
should not constitute more than 10% of the learning
curve for STAAD-Pro for Bill Allen, or anybody (who is
using since ver 8) (It is not only possible, but the
text interface actually is the easiest way to model,
and the surest way to check what you'r getting as what
you call results, (as Chris wants to put it)). About
the tech support he has already stated that "he has
not even the felt the need for it".

So I do not understand how can learning to use,
utilize intuitively & productively, a new software
(with a 100% learning curve (have not to deal only
with GUI, but everything else you mentioned...nodes,
release, supports, loads and above all the results,
and its format in the way you have been interpreting
till now), however user friendly, can be justified.

It can be justified, however as I said earlier 


I am sorry to say that I do not KNOW Bill Allen, or
RISA, but I KNOW what I am talking about.



PS: I think it is more fun arguing on the top
Guitarists that this. VIVA SANTANA ! (I can hear
Bill.P. going after me)

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