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Re: Master/Slave (Was STAAD or RISA?)

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>I have to admit
>that I am not sure to what use this would be put...but then I have not
>really thought to hard about it.
Picture a telescoping tube set with the inner (moving) tube supported on 
two sets of wheels rolling on tracks welded in turn to the inside of the 
outer (stationary) tube. Transverse displacements at the wheel locations 
are coupled but not rotations or spanwise displacements. The slopes of 
the two beams will necessarily be different at the wheel locations 
because the loads are imposed differently and the moments of inertia of 
the two beams will be different. If you were to enforce complete 
translation and rotational continuity at the wheels the model would be a 
good deal stiffer than the actual system.

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