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RE: EJCDC Documents (OR: What's The Point Of Even Joining ASCE?)

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> Sent: Saturday, September 07, 2002 11:26 AM
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> Subject: RE: EJCDC Documents (OR: What's The Point Of Even Joining
> ASCE?)
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> > FWIW, it looks like AISC hasn't lost sight of its mission. Can't say the
> > same for everyone.
> >
> I never realized that the "mission" of organizations like ASCE, ACI, and
> others was to produce things for their members for free.

That isn't what I'm saying.

I AM saying, however, that many such organizations go from being subsidiary
to the interests of their members, to an interest in and of themselves.

Specifically, my point is: I pay dues. I participate in meetings. I buy
their stuff (ASCE 7 e.g.) And when I try to realize any tangible benefits
from all that, about all I can come up with is a magazine, and a discount on

The EJCDC documents were supposedly created as an aid to the "civil"
engineer (and subsets thereto) who wants to go into business for himself. I
should think such an aid would be an essential part of what the org is

Instead, it looks like revenue streams are at least as important. Hence,
ASCE, too, is at least as self-interested as it is altruistic. It's
irritating to me.

Oh, and I certainly seem to be expected to produce for ASCE "for free," am I

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