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That also forces me to think of the current trend of
using software, as MAGIC, everything can be solved by a software. I put the Arch drawings IN (in a slot that must be obviously available), press a few keys (a la startrek), and presto I get the Struc drawings ready to send.

My Question? Then who will be such an idiot to require your services / knowledge / experience?

The magical quality of software has been around for decades.  The problem is, customers assume any work we do is high quality, so the only thing that matters from their point of view is how long does it take and how much does it cost.  We also consider events (load conditions) that for the most part will never be experienced, say a high wind load or a severe earthquake.

With those restraints and methods of customer evaluation, there is ample opportunity for less scrupulous persons to underbid and underdesign, mostly because nothing happens (which is what usually happens), thus they get away with it.

Then, when some catalysmic event for which whatever was constructed should have survived, but failed (i.e. Hurrican Andrews in Florida), these customers wring their hands and go on a witch hunt looking for a scapegoat.


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