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Now that you have joined, why don’t you stay on the list and participate on other topics? We can always use more humans beings on the list who enjoy the good things in life like Baseball.


Go Giants (although it doesn’t look good). And how bout them Niners !



Santa Clara, CA


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I had to sign-up once James told me about this discussion. STAAD, baby! The flexibility you have in that program is amazing. It has the power of the free-form command file (unlike SAP or Strudl) and batch processing with great interface. You can do unlimited project sizes, multiple structures, vibrational analysis - can't in RISA. RISA is a nice program - but STAAD has the power and the user-interface. It is like a hybrid of the Incrdible Hulk and Wonder Woman (hee, hee!). We do a lot of multi-story parking structures - so I need the concrete design, master/slave and advanced plate elements - plate releases, pre-stressed loadings. The great thing is that I can make a change in so many ways - command file, Excel-like spreadsheets, graphically. We used to maintain a few packages but now have consolidated to STAAD.

Go Mariners!




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