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Re: EJCDC Documents (OR: What's The Point Of Even Joining ASCE?)

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When you buy the EJCDC or CASE documents, is each purchase a one time use?
Or are you allowed to copy it as much as you like?

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Subject: RE: EJCDC Documents (OR: What's The Point Of Even Joining ASCE?)

> To be honest (to you and ASCE), the price of the EJCDC documents may be
> fair and it may not.  From my position (even with my experience with
> working for a similar type organization), $500 does seem a little high.
> But, then, as I pointed out in my last message, I don't really know ASCE's
> perspective.  There may be costs associated with the production of those
> documents that you and I are unaware of...for example, maybe ASCE _DID_
> pay for the volunteers' travel expenses or even some hourly fee (after
> all, since they are contracts maybe they decided that they had to pay some
> attornies to review them from liability point of view and could not just
> have an ASCE member do this on a volunteer basis since ASCE's members are
> typically not lawyers).
> The point is that there are costs associates with production of those
> documents as well as code documents and for the most part, you and I may
> never know (right or wrong) what those costs are.  It is entirely possible
> that ASCE is jacking up the price of the EJCDC documents to bring in some
> real good money for other purposes...but then it is also possible that
> they are losing money on them (which if true could be their own fault
> because they charge too much which means that fewer documents get sold).
> Regardless, here is another way to look at the whole much
> would it cost you to "revamp" your contracts by working with a lawyer?
> Considering that many lawyers charge on the order of $200 or more an hour,
> just spending about 2-3 hours talking with a lawyer about your contracts
> would "pay" for those EJCDC contracts.  Thus, you certainly have viable
> (although not necessarily prudent) other could just
> "revamp"/re-write your contracts yourself with no help from a lawyer and
> run the risk of getting burned by leaving something out, you could
> "revamp"/re-write your contracts yourself with help from a lawyer and have
> a better level of comfort that you have covered your a$$ well but spent a
> lot of dough on the lawyer, or you could bite the bullet and buy the EJCDC
> documents that have likely been (or not...don't know) throughly "tested"
> in court meaning that your a$$ should be covered just fine.  In the end,
> it is entirely possible that paying the $500 for the EJCDC documents may
> be the "cheapest" solution after all, thus making their price in reality
> fair.  Just dunno...
> HTH,
> Scott
> Ypsilanti, MI

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