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I do NOT want the spreadsheets

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I hope those who requested that fellow's spreadsheets (as well as the
engineer who offered them) don't take this the wrong way,...

But I am curious why so many people want these spreadsheets. I would be
a little hesitant before I used a spreadsheet that I didn't write. If it
was a simple spreadsheet then fine, I could just check the equations and
confirm that everything is correct,... but if it was a simple
spreadsheet I would just write it myself.  If I was offered a (free)
spreadsheet that was written to solve a very complicated problem, then I
would be uncomfortable relying upon the answers that it produced unless
I went through every step manually.

We've run into several problems with PURCHASED structural engineering
software where there were problems (some of them very serious mistakes)
with certain equations in the programs. What you have to watch out for
are subtle mistakes in software or spreadsheets. The obvious ones jump
right out, but it's the subtle ones trip you up and can make you wish
you were a bum living in a van down by the river.

I am cautious when using new spreadsheets that were written by people I
know and trust. I would never think of using one that was offered to me
from someone for free on the internet,... but that's me - I guess I just
worry too much.

Cliff Schwinger

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