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Concrete (Slab on Grade) Curing

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What methods do you guys generally use for slab on grade concrete curing??
Wet curing??  Curing Compound??  Covering with Plastic??  What are the
"pitfalls" of each that one should look out for??

Where I work we have always specified wet curing or covering with plastic.
On Friday, we had a pour on a very warm (mid-90's), sunny, day.  The methods
that we spec'd "seemed" as though they were inadequate due to the

In Iowa, we occasionally pour concrete when it's in the 100's and sometimes
when it's near freezing.  I'm just curious as to what the more experienced
use (and any specific things to avoid...besides not pouring when it's hotter
than snot out :-).

P.S.  I didn't find a lot of information on the subject in the archives.

Thanks in advance

Andrew Lundy - EIT

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