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Re: Cutting GLB's

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The methodology for determining the bending and shear allowable strengths and the modulus of elasticity (and other properties) are included in ASTM D3737.
As part of my consulting business, I have a program that does the calculations and can assist you in evaluating the remaining cross section. If you would like for me to provide this service, please contact me privately.
Bruce Pooley, Colorado P.E.
Timber Design
Roger Turk is correct (he really knows his Glulam!) about the special tension laminations. The end joints are qualified for the outer laminations and most glulam manufacturers use the same "quality" for end joints in the inner laminations. If you already have the beam, it would be good to check with laminator to verify the end joint strength.
Remember, both APA and AITC provide technical assistance for Glulam. (AITC being the originator of the standards.)
Hope this helps.
Bruce Pooley
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From: Pat Clark
Sent: Monday, September 09, 2002 11:22 AM
Subject: Cutting GLB's

Does anyone know how to find out the strengths of the internal plies of a 24f-v4 DF GLB?  I have a client that wants to arch cut the bottom of a structural GLB.
Pat Clark, P.E.