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RE: Cutting GLB's

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Title: RE: Cutting GLB's

Pat,  I know that with some laminated beams that the strength of the outer laminations are stronger than the inner laminations (the fabricators put there best wood where it is needed the most, away from the neutral axis).  Just keep that in mind and check it out w/ the glulam producer to see if you are comfortable with cutting portions of the good wood out to achieve your results.

Tom Bodkin, E.I.T.

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AITC 117 gives the laminations required for a 24F-V4 GLB.  A 24F-V4 GLB is
DF/DF, i.e., all DF (if you are using western woods).

The grades run from L1 in the outer tension zone to L3 in the core to L2D in
the outer compression zone.  For a GLB > 15" deep:  On the tension side, 10%
of the laminations are in the outer tension zone, 10% in the inner tension
zone; on the compression side, 10% are in the outer compression zone, 10% are
in the inner compression zone, and the rest are in the core.

Oh, L# grading --- you'll have to check the WWPA or WCLIB grading manuals for
the properties of these laminating grades.

Unless the GLB is very deep, cutting 6" destroys the special (302) tension
laminations.  The beam would have to be more than 60" deep for any of the
outer tension laminations to remain.  Horizontal (flexural) shear will have
to be investigated where the depth of the section changes and I can assure
you that that is no easy task.


A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Pat Clark wrote:

. > He is proposing to cut a long tapering arch, say 8' long, by only 6" in . > height.  We will add to the beam size to provide whatever additional

. > strength would be required. 

. > Pat Clark

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