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NFPA 5000 - Why? And Where?

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Just the other day I had a building official in a small city in north Texas
tell me that "NFPA decided not to publish it's building code after all."

I thought he was incorrect, but deferred to his statement, since (as I
assume) building officials get the inside scoop on all that stuff. Besides,
he sounded very informed about the issue.

Now, here's an article in the latest STRUCTURAL ENGINEER magazine, telling
us that NFPA has now been issued.

What I want to know is:

1) Why did they proceed with development of this code, even in the face of
all the negative criticism not only from the "big three" code development
orgs who now support the ICC, but from building officials, design
professionals and others?

2) Who is going to use this code? To me, since the vast majority of
code-adoption jurisdictions have a clear, natural migration path from
UBC/SBC/NBC to IBC and its related cousins, NFPA 5000 seems to be in the
same situation as that of the personal computing world, where IBM's OS/2 was
a better, but born-to-lose contestant for the PC desktop in the face of
Microsoft's "Windows Everywhere" in the early 90s.

I'd like some comments, especially from those who are more familiar with
what is going on.

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