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RE: Residential steel beams

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> Subject: Residential steel beams
> Her suggestion
> was that I should write to the board and approach this issues
> from a life saftey angle and maybe the board would have something to say.

She's right. You are trying to make this an issue of logic, when it is
actual a matter of law.

Remember: As a society we try to form our laws to fit our knowledge--ideally
at least. In reality, politics comes into play, and different players have
different agendas that are not necessarily compatible.

FOR EXAMPLE: Here in Texas, where for whatever reason construction
contractors and land developers have always had a very strong voice in the
state capital, we have NO state-wide building code, NO requirement for
licensure of contractors, and in some places--including Houston, the fourth
largest city in the U.S.--NO zoning laws.

The above may NOT be in the best interests of the public, as far as you or I
are concerned, but reality seldom fits our altruistic notions of the way
things ought to be. (Just ask Rush Limbaugh).

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