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Re: Why I Continue To Shell Out The Money (WAS: EJCDC Documents (OR: What's The Point Of Even Joining ASCE?))

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Welcome to the game!! You have to pay to play!! <grin>

BTW, for my local ASCE branch, I don't have to be a member to be able to
partake of the fat-laden dinner at the monthly meeting...assuming that I
don't mind paying more for the dinner.  Actuallyy, to be honest, our
branch (Ann Arbor) tends to have most of our meetings at the University of
Michigan.  We usually have pizza or subs and actually charge the same for
member or non-member.  And we usually for these type of meetings allow
students for free.  But, then we are nice (OK, so I am not nice but the
other officers are...I am supposed to be mean and pinch pennies since I am
the treasurer <grin>).


Ypsilanti, MI

On Tue, 10 Sep 2002, Bill Polhemus wrote:

> BTW: I should point out that I will, regretably, continue paying the dues to
> ASCE--from which I get little benefit except being able to pay "member
> price" for publications and for the fat-laden dinner at the occasional
> monthly meeting.
> Why?
> One reason: The privilege of having a say in their proceedings.
> For example: The Texas Branch of ASCE is authoring a document that they hope
> will eventually become a state "building code" (or "codelet" as I call it)
> governing foundations for light commercial and residential construction. The
> code as it has been developing has a lot of stuff in their to shift all
> responsibility from geotechnical engineers--which have a strong presence in
> ASCE because of the large geotech firms such as PSI or Law--to the
> structural engineer.
> I sat on a review committee for one of our local structural engineering
> organizations that made comments to the draft of the paper, and will take up
> the matter legislatively if the original intent is maintained.
> The stipulation was that you had to be a member of ASCE to comment "on the
> record"; otherwise, you could only comment during the "public comment"
> period.
> Being an ASCE member gave me standing that I wouldn't have had otherwise. So
> you have to join "the Party" in order to try to influence things (even if it
> is rather like a minnow trying to push an Aircraft Carrier in an attempt to
> change its course).

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