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RE: Urgent PCA Survey on Rebar Names

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Scott Maxwell wrote:


> It is important to note that this metric bar "size" is unique (for the
> most part) to the U.S.  Most true metric countries don't use this
> designation...they use true metric bars not imperial bars with nice metric
> "names".  For example, Canada (if I recall correctly) has adopted what was
> to be the true metric bar sizes that ASTM originally created/adopted for
> use in the U.S., but abandoned when the switch to metric in the
> construction industry died.  The Canadian bar size notation is the nominal
> area of the bar in mm^2 and the bars ARE actually different sizes than
> U.S. "metric" bars (which are in fact still imperial bars in sheep's
> otherwords, under another name).

WRT Canada, this is not quite correct.

Our rebars are different to both US imperial rebars and European metric
rebars, and probably (waiting for correction here) to those anywhere else in
the world.

Our standard rebars have areas that are multiples of 100 mm² - and their
designation is the nearest number (in multiples of 5) that approximates the
actual diameter.... like this:

area		designation	actual diameter (3 SF)

100 mm²	10M		11.3 mm
200 mm²	15M		16.0 mm
300 mm²	20M		19.5 mm
500 mm²	25M		25.2 mm
700 mm²	30M		29.9 mm
1000 mm²	35M		35.7 mm
1500 mm²	45M		43.7 mm
2500 mm²	55M		56.4 mm

Now this might be a good system, and it might be a bad system, but it's
certainly different....

And we can look forward to three different rebars designated "10" in the

US (3/8")	9.53 mm	71.3 mm²
real metric	  10 mm	78.5 mm²
CDN metric	11.3 mm	100 mm²

Peter James

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