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Re: Design ground accelerations

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The .6g of ground shaking seems to me like DBE level earthquake and the
.8g of ground shaking is MCE level earthquake, which of 1/3 more of DBE
The second paragraph means the Life Safety at DBE and the Collapse
Prevention at MCE.

This design criteria can be summarized as a Immediate Occupancy Level
design for the lateral system.

If you really want to satisfy this level of performance, you need to
follow the FEMA 273 and FEMA 356 document. I want to make sure this
performance level is beyond the UBC97 and you may need a Peer Review

Chung-Soo Doo
Lynn wrote:

> We have received plan check corrections on a Fire
> Station we designed.  The governing Code is the 1997
> UBC.
> The plan checker has sited a section in the
> Geotechnical report called "seismic shaking", that says
> the building should be designed for .6g without
> suffering significant damage, and .8g without
> structural collapse.
> The plan checker then goes on to site the California
> Building Standards Administrative Code as requiring
> that the building be designed for the ground
> accelerations given in a Geologic Hazards Evaluation.
> The plan checker is asking for additional structural
> calculations showing that the building is able to
> withstand peak ground accelerations of .6g's without
> significant damage, and .8g's without structural
> collapse.
> What we have done is just used the 1997 UBC, taken into
> account the near source factors, and factored again for
> an essential facility.  Beyond that, I am not sure we
> are required to do anything.
> The language used by the plan checker seems to relate
> more to NERHP provisions and the IBC design
> methodology.
> Has anyone else come up against this, and if so, what
> have you done to satisfy the plan checker.
> Thanks
> Lynn
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