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RE: Concrete Leveling Courses

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If you specified a raked surface, it will be rough.  If you have a surface
that is not all that critical, you should have had bull float finish.  It is
actually a bit cheaper than a raked surface.  With that much surface
variation it sounds like the surface was not even screeded.  It also sounds
like it does not meet the ACI 117 minimum tolerance requirements.

Now to solve the problem, talk to the finisher.  You will get any reflective
cracking, and with a lot of fines (like in a grout), you will get more
shrinkage cracks.  If it is just in a crawl space, it should not be an
issue.  Use whatever is cheap and easy for the finishers.  Any of the low
slump grouts should work.  Be cautious of the set times for the super
plasticizers or use ADVA HRWR.

Harold O. Sprague

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> Can anyone tell me what might work best to remediate an irregular concrete
> surface that is to be used as a crawl space?
> The rake finish is not as smooth as I would like for it to be and I was
> planning on pouring a leveling course of either an Ardex product or even
> just pumping a grout w/plasticizers in it.  The area is 14' x 29', the
> vertical irregularity is as much as 2".  This is for a residential
> addition.
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