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Re: Klez Virus

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>Over the last week I have been inundated with attacks by the W32 Klez 
>virus coming in from all sorts of sources.  
The Klez virus causes transmission of copies of itself to addresses in 
the infected computer's e-mail address book. Someone who has your address 
(could be anyone) got infected and you're getting the e-mail as a result. 
Don't do _anything_ with Klez virus enclosures except delete them without 
delay. If you do a Google search on Klez, you can find out more about the 
virus. It's particularly offensive, because ir changes titles of e-mails 
and apparently goes after certain protection schemes in anti-virus 

One of the benefits of using an old e-mail client on a Mac is double 
immunity from the virus itself, but I still get Klez transmissions from 
infected Wintel iron.

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