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Re: NFPA 5000 - Why? And Where?

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Bill Polhemus wrote:

> 2) Who is going to use this code? To me, since the vast majority of
> code-adoption jurisdictions have a clear, natural migration path from
> UBC/SBC/NBC to IBC and its related cousins, NFPA 5000 seems to be in the
> same situation as that of the personal computing world, where IBM's OS/2 was
> a better, but born-to-lose contestant for the PC desktop in the face of
> Microsoft's "Windows Everywhere" in the early 90s.

The NFPA has always supported the fire service. All fire-fighting apparatus used
by fire departments meets NFPA standards. The fire fire departments are the 500#
gorilla that will cause NFPA 5000 to be adopted by cities. The perception is
that since NFPA wrote a building code, it be better for life-safety, fire
prevention and fire-fighter protection.  Once NFPA 5000 is published, I think we
are going to see representatives from the fire departments go in front of their
city councils and request that it be adopted.

Davis G. Parsons II, PE RA AEI
a practical architectural engineer
in Fort Worth, Texas

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