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Re: tapered steel beams

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Thanks, to you and all who responded. And what a grind these equations are, yuck ;)
I am presently troubled by the Fwgamma equation (Flange warping torsion resistance bending stress) working out to 81.12psi, need to figure out if this is valid or if I goofed up one of the terms in the equation.
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Sent: Thursday, September 12, 2002 11:46 AM
Subject: RE: tapered steel beams

>I am going to be designing a tapered steel beam to replace those damaged
>in a fire. I have been looking over Appendix F of AISC manual and this appears
>to be the necessary information along with Chapter F. I need some assurance
>from someone with experience in the design of tapered steel beams that I am
>looking at the correct source.
The Appendix F provisions can be used. Most tapered members are found in metal buildings and I know metal building companies rarely use those provisions as they can be conservative. Instead, I have seen modeling that breaks the beam into an appropriate number of prismatic segments and more traditional FE approaches as well. They also typically do product testing to ensure that they are doing things that work.
>Charlie Carter.....are you out there today???
Some would say waaaayyyyy out there. (-: