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RE: Urgent PCA Survey on Rebar Names

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Title: RE: Urgent PCA Survey on Rebar Names

gerard wrote:

Guess you don't go to the field anymore stan, It's probably beneath you ... <grin>

Rebars have been marked with the metric designation for at least 5 years now.

Dear gerard:

I still go to the field from time to time, but on most of those occasions my clients are defense lawyers for unfortunate engineers with other firms.  Considering that we all learn more from failures than successes, it is always best to learn from other people's failures, and especially when your efforts are greatly appreciated and generously compensated.

I am well aware of how rebars have been stamped for the past several years.  Bill Clinton, FHWA, and their directives to state transportation agencies are to blame.  About 5 or 6 years ago, TXDOT declared a nearly instantaneous conversion to soft metric rebar.  Due to circumstance, we were probably the first firm in Texas to produce a large project designed entirely with soft metric rebar and conversion tables on every sheet.  By the time construction started, however, TXDOT did an abrupt about-face and declared that everything should henceforth be done with conventional rebar designations.  Thus, we've "been there and done that".

All things considered, I would prefer to stick with the conventional designations.  They've worked for a century or more, and I don't see any compelling reason to change.  Frankly, I don't give a damn what they call rebars (or anything else) in the rest of the world, and I would prefer not to burn untold hours revising thousands of cells in our CADD library.  When we work abroad, we always adopt the local codes and practices.  When foreigners work here, I expect them to do likewise.


Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

 "Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once."