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RE: Eccentrically Braced Frame - Link Beam

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>I have a situation where some link beams
>in an eccentrically braced frame show signs
>of yielding after being subjected to an
>earthquake. There are no significant distortions
>in the link beams, but the paint has crack lines
>consistent with cyclic loading. Assuming the
>link beams have yielded to a certain degree
>and only 10% of the energy dissipation potential
>was lost, would it be sufficient to add new
>stiffeners to the link beams to restore
>their original capacity or would it be
>necessary to replace the beams?

I wouldn't do anything. The link has done its job and sounds ready to
continue to do so. If there had been enough motion to cause significant
inelastic buckling or flexural or shear deformations, then I'd look at heat
straightening or replacement, whichever is more economical.


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