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RE: Combined Shear and Tension on A449 Bolts

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>I am interested in combined tension and shear stresses for
>Grade 5 and Grade 8 bolts.  I think that the Grade 5 bolts are
>similar to A449 and the Grade 8 are A354 Grade BD.  For A449
>bolts, Table J.3.3 of ASD 9th edition has a formula for calculating
>the allowable tensile stress in bolts greater than 1 1/2" diameter
>subject to shear.  
>If I have 3/4" Grade 5 bolts, should I just use fa/Fa + fv/Fv <1.0 
>using Fa = .33Fu and Fv = 0.17Fu?
That interaction equation is a straight line, whereas bolt shear tension interaction is better represented by an ellipse, such as equation 5.2 in the RCSC Specification (a free download at If you rewrite it as (fa/Fa)^2 + (fv/Fv)^2 <= 1.0 for ASD, you get the equations that are in Appendix B of the RCSC Specification. The general form should work for A449 bolts, too.