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Re: Unreinforced concrete on metal pan deck.

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Dear Mr. Spengler:

Two areas of thought.

1.  What to do at this point?
    a.  You may want to consider saying to the contractor, "this is concrete
topping slab is unacceptable, what do you suggest?"
    b.  This would allow you to approve or not approve his remedy, rather
than suggesting a fix, then have him respond that your idea is too
expensive, since it is going to be done at his expense.

2.  Structural question?
    a.  Is the floor diaphragm strength compromised by the unacceptable
topping slab?
    b.  Did you approve the substitution of fiber mesh rather than wwm?  IDS
has not accepted fiber mesh strength as a substitute for wwm.
    c.  If the question is architectural only,  perhaps you may want to
consider a repair including filling cracks with grout, or epoxy, and
requiring an addition term of years for a guarantee from the contractor to
repair future cracks.
    d.  If the question is structural diaphragm strength, I wonder if there
is a way to add welds from below the deck to the steel members to strengthen
the steel diaphragm?  It may be tricky given the situation.

Hope this helps.

With Joy and Hope,
Bob Freeman, Architect,
Structural designer

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