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Re: embed bolts in CMU

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Scott Maxwell wrote:
> Now, first I will point out that if in fact you are placing the anchor in
> the horizontal surface at the top of a 8" wall, then the tension capacity
> of the masonry from Eq. 2-1 will be on the order of 885 lbs.  This is due
> to have to use the edge distance (3.82") of the anchor to determine Ap
> (45.7 sq in).  

Note that lbe which is used to calculate Ap in Eq. 2-4 is actually
defined on page C-6 as "anchor bolt edge distance measured from the
surface of an anchor bolt to the nearest free edge of masonry".

In other words, it seems that the radius (lbe) used to calculate Ap is
from the surface of the bolt, not the centerline of the bolt. This
actually makes a significant difference. For a 3/4" diameter bolt, lbe =
(7.625-.75)/2 = 3.44".  Ap = 37.1 sq. in. instead of 45.7 sq. in. 

Rick Burch
Columbia, SC

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