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RE: Contract Rates

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My bet is that you're headed down to Pearland.  Have a great time!
You, and only you, know what your services are worth.  Don't worry about "going rates".  Charge what you believe fairly represents the value that you bring to the project (but never less than minimum wage, even in a brief moment of low self-esteem).  If the prospect doesn't want to pay what you believe to be a fair rate for your services (including rush hour travel time from Katy to Pearland), then politely decline the work.
Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas
(how 'bout them Cowboys)

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Subject: Contract Rates

It's been forever since I've worked contract, and I have no idea what the going rate is.
I've been asked to go down and help with rebuild a chem plant on the Texas Gulf coast that recently had a "whoopsie", and they want me to sign on to contract through their outfit (you can't contract on your own recognizance anymore, because of changes in tax law, etc.)
Anyway, I'd like to hear some figgers. What kinds of rates are we hearing out there for "civil/structural" doing plant-work, etc.?