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RE: A/E Design fees for federal projects

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Title: RE: A/E Design fees for federal projects
Just saw a COE solicitation that quotes:  "PL 92-582 (Brooks A/E Act) as implemented by FAR Subpart 36.6"
I heard at a seminar that NASA has an exemption; Apparently you can't design space shuttles, satellites and their launching/supporting facilities for 6%
This presenter at this same seminar informed us that regardless of what you read or hear, the only way the government budgets an A/E fee is as a percentage of their budget construction cost.  
My personal experience is that for new construction, 10% total seems to be their upset figure with on the 6% front, 4% on the back.
Jan Harris
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Subject: RE: A/E Design fees for federal projects

Thanks for the reply.  I was looking for the actual regulation to see if there are any situations where the 6% fee can be negotiated higher.  Our work is primarily for the federal government (COE and Navy) and we have had projects where Corps and Navy design requirements make it very difficult to properly design facilities within the 6% fee.  I'll try to find the regulation on the web.
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Subject: RE: A/E Design fees for federal projects


I believe that it's FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation).  The trick is to define your 6% scope of services very tightly, eliminating everything before the actual beginning of the preparation of construction documents, as well as everything after their completion.  If they want conceptual design studies, cost estimates, participation in value engineering exercises, assistance during bidding, shop drawing review, RFI processing, site visits, etc. etc. ... these services are all outside the scope of what you will do for a basic 6% fee.


Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

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Subject: A/E Design fees for federal projects

Can anyone tell me what the federal law is that limits A/E design fees to 6% of construction costs?

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