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Broken F1554 anchor rods

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I have a project going where one of the 1" diameter F1554-55 anchor rods has been broken off. It is at a fixed base moment frame footing. The contractor got anxious and chipped out the concrete, cut off the deformed top of the rod and cut threads onto the new top of the rod. He added a coupler. I asked him for information on the coupler and received a standard test report from the factory in Taiwan. It states that the material is made from A563 and passed the proof load of 90 ksi. It is my understanding that couplers are required to handle 125% of the load that the threaded rod can handle. Is A563 the proper material for the coupler? There is some data on the geometry of the coupler but noting on the cross sectional area. Any suggestions? I'm leaning to having him replace the anchor rod and coupler and put a new anchor rod in.

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