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Re: Flagpole Ch Factor

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try the following formula, I think it would give you some preliminary results.

1.Lateral restraint at ground line:
     d = 1.63*cube root of (Ph/BS)
2.  no lateral restraint:

    d= 1.97* cube root of (P(h +0.93d)/BD)

     P = lateral force applied to ploe, (lb)
     S = allowable lateral soil pressure adjusted to load duration, psf per    
            foot of depth
     B=  bottom end diameter of roung pole or diameter of concrete casting.
     h = distance in feet from ground surface to point of application of "P".
Himat Solanki
>>> jmeyer(--nospam--at) 09/19/02 11:15AM >>>
I read the recent postings concerning flagpoles with great interest. As fate
would have it, I have been asked to design the foundation for a 35' high
flagpole. I just ordered NAAMM FP 1001-97, but shipping will take 3 weeks -
they want to pour foundations next week! Can someone provide the Ch factor
for 90 mph wind speed at 35 feet? They plan on using a 6' x 10' flag. Pole
butt diameter is 5". Thanks for your assistance.

Jon Meyer
Webber Smith Associates
Lancaster, PA 

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