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angle irons and joist bolting

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Bolting joists to girders, columns, plates to tops of walls: All ok as far
as I know. Page 75 of 1998 Vulcraft shows some typical details. Of course
you still have to check and design for the usual forces: shear, uplift from
wind, seismic if any...  I think the only reason to maybe not use bolting is
it can somewhat restrict erection tolerances, whereas welding to a top plate
or bearing plate allows flexibility. You can use screws for the deck, SDI or
Vulcraft have tables for all of that. We mostly use screws, especially for
light gage deck because you have no burnout, easier to inspect, and much
cheaper to install (guy with a screw gun versus a welder). If they mess up
they can always go back and add more screws.

Kent with the angle welding problem. I would venture to say they probably
are not made of iron unless your project is a very, very old bridge in
Scotland :)  I have heard "rat runs" used in light gauge steel industry to
describe truss bridging, presumably because rats can use them as little
bridges to get around your attic. From your description that is exactly what
the angles are, if they run perpindicular and go through webs or the bottom
chord (uplift bridging). They should be spliced to provide continuity, and
there is several ways to do this. The question should be answered by the EOR
who designed the bridging, or the joist designer if they designed it. It
sounds like you are the inspector or field engineer? I believe an RFI would
clear this up if this is the case. However, if you are the design engineer,
then you need to look at your calcs and design and you have the answer. I
venture to guess that if this is typical bridging, I would have them weld it
all around. What is the additional expense of welding 3 more inches once
they are up there welding?? This would ensure a more concentric loading from
angle to angle.

Best of luck to all..

Andrew Kester, EI
Longwood, FL

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