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Roof Deck Personnel loading

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I think that the 30 psf roof load relates more to stacking roofing materials 
and the effect of snow than it does to personnel loading.

For personnel to come close to the 30 psf loading, you would have to have 180 
pound people standing 2.5 feet apart over the entire considered area.  In 
other words, it would be quite congested.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Ron Hill wrote:

. > I have a question about roof decks and 30 psf live loading.  I have
. > looked in the codes and in the manufacturers data concerning permissible
. > personnel loading on roof decks and can not find anything. 

. > When we design a roof for a uniform live load of 30 psf, how does that
. > correlate to how many men can stand in one area on the roof at any given
. > time??

. > Ronald A. Hill, P.E.

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