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Re: open web joists

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        I think you mean "get the maximum bending moment then divide by the distance between chord centrelines".


H. Daryl Richardson

Nacionales Alex wrote:

tia da,

What I do is to get the flexural stress at midspan then divide that by the depth of the open web joist to get the chord force at midspan, Then i look at the table for allowable loads  for compression members in the steel manual.

This is of coarse assuming that the joist is uniformly loaded.

I hope this helps.

Alex C. Nacionales, C.E.

 "Russ, John P" wrote:

The SJI specifications will allow you to design and evaluate any open web
joist. If you are designing new joists (generally specifying the depth,
series and size or depth and series for the fabricator to design) you should
be in close contact with the fabricator. It's my undestanding they will use
any size within a range that may be obtained for a good price. If the
joists are existing, you should try to obtain the shop drawings and verify
them in the field to get the sizes.

John Russ

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Subject: open web joists

does anyone know of a design publication / procedure that accurately
predicts the chord sizes of open web joists? whenever i use these, i have
to make assumptions (possibly conservative, possibly WAY TOO
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