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Have you searched the Industrail Fasteners Institute Web page?
See to find:
       Q:   What are the basic differences between an SAE Grade 5 bolt in accordance with
           SAE J429 and a high strength structural bolt?

        A:  While both bolts have a minimum tensile strength of 120,000 psi, the differences
           include the following:
             2.Controlled grip ranges min/max for
                each diameter/length combination of
             3.A325's only available in heavy hex
                configuration as defined in ASME
             4.A325's have specific quality assurance requirements
             5.A325T is for lengths 4D threaded fully
See find info on Grade 8.
What grade of steel should be used to manufacture a certain type of
    fastener when steel chemistry is not specified?
    When selecting a grade (chemistry) of steel, several factors must be considered. Among these
    factors are product diameter, geometry (shape), amount of cold (or hot) forming required,
    finished mechanical properties, heat treat capabilities, application requirements, steel
    availability, and cost.
    If a decision has to be made without answers to most of the above concerns, as a minimum,
    the chemistry should be selected based on the desired mechanical properties of the finished
    part. In general, Grade 5 products are made from plain (nonalloy) medium carbon steel such
    as 1038. Grade 8 products are made from medium carbon alloys such as 4037, 4140, 8637
    and 4340.

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I have speced out A325  type 3 bolts and the contractor has ask me If he can use either
Grade 5  or Grade 8 bolts I can't find any info on this desigination does anyone know where I can look  ?

Joe Venuti

Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs,  CA