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Structural Glass Design

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I am curious what the practice is for other structural engineers who
work in structural glass design. In particular, for applications other
than windows:

1) Do you use the probability of failure (Pf) of 8/1000 as indicated in
E1800 for windows? At what point do you feel this Pf needs to be
reduced? What is the smallest Pf you have ever used?
2) Do you use 2x and 4x annealed glass strength for heat strengthened
(HS) and tempered glass, or do you use average and COV for these
materials to calculate allowable stress directly based on Pf? Using the
E1800 approach could be considered unduly conservative for HS and
tempered glass.
3) Do you use industry standard values for glass strength/COV? Am I
being unduly harsh in requiring values from the manufacturer?

If you are wondering, I am designing an art glass, which is several
130x70 flat plate simply supported in the horizontal plane on the two
short edges, located about 60 feet over theater seating. I am curious
how others approach these situations.

Eric Green

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