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RE: Washer requirements for steel to steel bolted connections

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.....And of course I forgot to mention that you can treat a joint with A307
bolts just like you would a joint with snug-tightened A325 or A490 bolts
(because that is essentially what it is, albeit with a lower strength per


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>The steel specification section J3.2c, d, and e in The 
>Ninth Edition of the AISC Manual of Steel Construction 
>(ASD) states specifically that washer shall be used with 
>bolts in oversized holes, short-slotted holes, and long-
>slotted holes.  But no mention of whether washers should 
>be used with bolts in standard holes.
>The ASD Specification for Structural Joints Using ASTM 
>A325 or A490 bolts (Pg. 5-263 of the Manual of Steel 
>Construction) does have very specific washer 
>requirements for bolted connections using these bolts.  
>Does this mean that washers are not required in steel to 
>steel connections for bolts in standard holes that are 
>not A325 or A490?

It depends. Take a look at Section 6 of the 2000 RCSC Specification, which
is available as a free download here:

It has very clear guidance as to when washers are (and are not) required --
and what type of washer is required when a washer is required. I'd go into
more detail here, but there are too many conditionals to do it. The language
is fairly explicit. And you can let me know if you have any further


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