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Re: Commercial Bldg. - Second Floor Loads

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Do you think I should  design the trusses for full live, dead, AND partition 
I don't understand the crack about " ethics".  I just want to design the 
floor framing correctly.  That's why I'm asking for advice from engineers who 
know more than I do about the subject.  Seems like there is more than one 
school of thought out there on including partitions as a separate load that 
may or may not be permanent and swapping LL values for partitions the UBC 
regards as DL.  I don't think I'm the only one who is confused.   Too bad I'm 
not as brilliant as you are.  You seem to know all the answers.
Have a nice day. 

Denise Poeltler, P.E.
The Flying Buttress
Palm Desert, CA

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