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Re: What Design Standard For Signs?

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You need to look at those UBC Tables a little closer.  For wind Table 16-H Item 7 addresses "SIGNS, flagpoles, lightpoles...." and for seismic Table 16-P Item 9 addresses "SIGNS and billboards".  You may be screwed for shear walls less than 10 feet but well covered for sign supports :>)

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
ABS Consulting

"Bill Polhemus" <bill(--nospam--at)>

09/25/2002 07:13 PM
Please respond to seaint

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        Subject:        What Design Standard For Signs?

This is a question regarding commercial signage and sign supports.

Are these governed by building code(s)? It occurs to me that BUILDING codes
are just that: Codes that govern the construction of BUILDINGS, which of
course a sign is not.

Highway signage is governed (typically) by AASHTO's sign standard, but I
don't see how this would apply for a commercial sign which may or may not be
close to a roadway, and is most likely on private property.

Anyone have a clue?

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